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Water Deionization Unit

The cost of refinishing has been driven up
in recent years by environmental
concerns. The cost of purchasing raw
materials, solid waste disposal, and
regulatory permits have all increased.
Waste, both toxic and otherwise, is a
natural by-product of our industry in
particular. This waste generation is not
by design; it is not what we would wish;
it is merely the natural result of the
processes of an industry doing its best
to meet the demands of the

We at Queen City Plating, Inc. strongly
believe that protection of the
environment is, and must continue to
be, a major consideration of our
production process. Therefore, in
September of 1997 we installed a state
of the art waste treatment system that
recycles our wastewater, eliminating the
discharge of wastewater and hazardous
waste to the environment. Because this
addition to our facility has increased our
operating costs significantly, we have
added a nominal surcharge to all orders.

Thank you for your understanding and
support required to meet the challenge of
helping to protect our environment.

Queen City Plating Inc.

We're dedicated to protecting our planet