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Frequently asked questions

Do you plate wheels? NO!

We only plate true wire spoked wheels. Sorry, we do not plate ANY reverse, alloy, or mag wheels. This is due to the highly competitive nature of the aftermarket wheel industry, as well as the numerous design styles of these items.

What is plating?

Common electroplating is simply a disassociation and reassociation of metal atoms performed through electrolysis. For a thorough explanation go to the Finishing .com web site. Very cool!

Are there different types of plating?

Yes. The three most common are: electroplating, electroless (autocatalytic), and mechanical plating.

How much will it cost?

Costs depend the amount of time required for us to process your job. Every job varies in it's complexity - some are simple and fast. Others can take many hours. We will make every effort to give you a close estimate if you call us and are able to accurately describe the object and the finish that is needed. Firm price quotes can only be given after we see the part(s).

How long does it take?

Our lead times depend on complexity of the job, and any backlog. Generally 1 to 4 weeks. Some small orders can be processed in as little as one day.

In dire situations, when you need it super fast, call us. 1 800-617-1995 or
425 315-1992 ......We will work with you.

Does Queen City Plating, Inc.
guarantee it's work?

Yes absolutely! We have the best warranty in the industry. Our plated marine hardware is quaranteed for a full five years against green corrosion. Automotive and other classes of plating is covered against peeling or flaking as long as you own it. Count on us to do the job right the first time.

Can aluminum be plated?

Yes. We started plating aluminum over 60 years ago. Even porous, sandcast aluminum can be plated to a true mirror finish in most cases.

Do you plate wheels?

We only plate wire wheels. We do not plate ANY reverse or mag wheels. Nearly all wheels now come from China, generally the plating on them is of poor quality. That's why they usually don't last.

Why is my bumper peeling, I had it replated just a year ago by another shop?

If your bumper or other item is peeling or flaking, it's because of poor surface preparation.Tight quality control must be employed in every step of the replating process. No shortcuts equals no rejects.

Can plastic be plated?

Yes, the only plastic parts we plate must be previously electroplated and in excellent condition. For example, we can change the finish on plumbing fixtures to gold, brass, nickel, etc. CAR RESTORERS NOTE: plastic automotive interior parts are most often vacuum metalized (Ion Vapor Deposition). We DO NOT do this process. Contact the resources available in Hemming's Motor News, etc.

Do you plate Zinc Diecastings, or "Pot Metal"?

Yes, cost is dependent on the condition of the part. Highly detailed zinc die-cast parts that are heavily deteriorated are NOT always good candidates for refinishing.

The item I have is dented, cracked and/or broken.
Can it be repaired?

Yes. We perform many repair operations. See our services page or call us.

Is there a minimum charge?

We have a minimum order of $150.00 A 6.5% hazardous waste disposal fee is added to all orders.
Also any applicable sales tax and freight.

By the way........ Queen City Plating, Inc. does not plate wheels. (just wires)

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